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If you need more help at Traffic Comet Text and Surf please log in and contact us at the help desk. Here are a few notes we would like you to know about our site.

We are a full service ad exchange. Our members view your ads for credits or sometimes even tipped rewards. Here is a little about our ad exchange.

  1. Solo Ads: Sent to each member in our double opt in membership. Each member will get an email message with a clickable link for site credits.
  2. Banner Ads: We offer 2 kinds of banner advertising for our members. 468x60 standard size, and 125x125 button banner size.
  3. Credits: You earn credits for ad views. You can use these credits to mail members, trade for banners, and hits on the traffic exchange. Each ad has a trade value for credits. Different ads will have different values. You can also earn credits from your referral activity on our exchange.
  4. Our other mailers include: Instant Credit Mailer, you use credits to mail to our list; Referral Mailer, allows you to email all your referrals; Viral Mail, allows you to mail everyone that joins after you, without credits.
  5. Text Links: Our text link is a short message attached to your link. These links are shown in different spots randomly throughout the site including the home page which allows your text links to be shown outside of the membership. These are also are sent 5 at a time within some of the mails sent to the membership.
  6. Surf Exchange: You earn credits for viewing other web pages and splash pages, these can be used to add your sites into the surf exchange.
  7. In the Member Tools: We will find promotional banners, splash Pages, personalized splash pages, and email copy for promoting our site. You can set up your profile and More.
  8. We have program builders. We picked some of our favorites and added them and we will add programs as we find more useful programs. Please feel free to contact us to add more.
  9. Tips and Tipped Outs: Sometimes you may earn Tips from the admin, when your referral buys an offer you get a tip! Tipped out request when you reach the site's threshold, you all see past tips you were paid. 

Please note, as a member you do not see your own ads on the site, you will get your own solo ads, but they are mailed invalid click ads. Since it is your own ad.

 This web site is strictly an advertising site, Members use our ad exchange to promote their websites to other members in our membership. We have a number of different advertising options to show your ads.

Tips are paid only to members who directly refer other members who might purchase an upgrade to receive additional advertising packages. We have a 1 tier affiliate program and there is no 2nd tier affiliate program or MLM structure involved with our site at all. We are not a matrix, or MLM, Just an advertising ad exchange.

Please make sure to view Traffic Comet Text and Surf terms page: Terms and Conditions

We will never sell, trade or give away your information to anyone. Please see Traffic Comet Text and Surf Privacy Policy 

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We will never sell, trade or give away your information to anyone.